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Stu Starkey

Show Host

“People don’t realize how important and valuable communities are.

I was lucky enough to meet the longest-living human beings in the world when a truck manufacturer showed me around Japan. Something about the visit made me want to learn more. Why do these people live so long?

Elders move in with their grandchildren and pass on the family culture — the recipes, the stories, the experiences. This sense of community and taking care of each other really resonated with me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and kept reading more about it once I was home. I told people the story — and watched their eyes light up with inspiration.

What makes a difference for these people, and these communities, is purpose.

It made me think about my own purpose — and I knew then that we had the chance to do something truly outstanding with the platform Two Small Men gives us. This birthed our Community Involvement efforts.” – Stu

Ryan Caligiuri


Ryan is a speaker, podcaster, and instructor specializing in topics on resilience, leadership, and organizational behavior. He is the producer, behind the scenes, of Community of Big Hearts responsible for connecting with guests and producing the show every week.

About the Community of Big Hearts

The Community of Big Hearts is a passion project with many moving parts: if you’re here now, it’s probably because you’re most interested in the Community of Big Hearts Podcast with Stu Starkey. 

The Community of Big Hearts Podcast launched in November 2019 with the mission of connecting with community leaders, contributors, and members, and highlighting the work they do. We’re passionate about the power of community, and through our conversations, we’re learning more about the strength that lies within Canadian communities every week. 

We urge you to check out our podcast, think about the messages you’re hearing, and let us know if you know someone who should be a guest on the Community of Big Hearts Podcast!

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Every week, we upload full episodes of Community of Big Hearts to our podcast feed, where community leaders, members or contributors share how they’re working day and night to make this community thrive.

Hosted by Stu Starkey, CEO, Two Small Men with Big Hearts and the very famous podcaster Ryan Caligiuri, we invite inspiring guests to share fresh insights about their community projects and tell life stories that motivate people.



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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and they usually don’t wear a cape. At Community of Big Hearts, we honour your efforts and your determination to make a difference in the community despite difficult circumstances. Every episode features the stories of people like you who go above and beyond to make a positive impact.