Episode 1: [Community Spotlight] Kids Kottage

What is a Community Spotlight? A Community Spotlight is the Community of Big Hearts shining the spotlight on a leader or organization by giving them a platform to tell their story so they can increase awareness that they exist to potential volunteers, donors, and raving fans who are willing and able to contribute back in any way they can!

Who is Kids Kottage?

Kids Kottage is a crisis prevention and early intervention service that keeps infants and children safe, and families strong. When a family is under toxic levels of stress whether it be from job loss, homelessness, the effects of poverty, mental or physical health issues, abuse, or whatever the case -so are the children- they are the hidden victims. 



To nominate a community initiative or leader to be on the show, please go to CommunityofBigHearts.com and click the nominate tab and submit their/your information! We can’t wait to hear from you!