Episode 5: [Community Highlight] 2.4 Million Pounds of Food Moved By Volunteers

What is a Community Highlight? A Community Highlight is the Community of Big Hearts highlighting a story or statistic from a past or future episode of Community of Big Hearts! We like to highlight these moments as a reminder to our listeners who is out there doing great work in our community to keep them top of mind!

What is Agape Table

Agape Table provides a bagged meal for breakfast. The bagged breakfast contains soup, sandwich, pastry, fruit, and drink. Those who use Agape Table are: Men, Women, Children, housed at risk, homeless, working, low income seniors, single parents, persons with disabilities, new comers and many more.



To nominate a community initiative or leader to be on the show, please go to CommunityofBigHearts.com and click the nominate tab and submit their/your information! We can’t wait to hear from you!