Big Hearts of the Month

Each of our territories runs its very own Big Hearts of the Month program. The staff who run these territories bring forward causes that are important to their workplace communities. We ensure these are causes where we can effectively leverage our skillsets to deliver high value through sustainable, high-impact activities that we can do on an ongoing basis.

We Have Time To Give

This year, we’ve launched an initiative that sees 1% of all office staff’s time donated to a charity of their own choosing. The idea is simple: instead of this time spent adding value to the business, we’re using the strength of our company and our people to add value to causes dear to them. And, adding value back to the communities where they live.

How Does Two Small Men Help?

We work with any charity that works to better and strengthen communities. We have trucks and we have connections. Sometimes, we’re able to directly help someone in a critical moment. Often, we connect charities to those looking to downsize. Whatever it is, if it’s an issue important to our community, we’re listening!

Want to partner with us for good?

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Who Do We Help?


In November of 2017, we created a new partnership with the Cerebral Palsy Associations of Alberta (CPAA) and B.C.

This partnership is valuable because it not only helps out a worthy charity, it makes the moving process easier for our clients, and they can feel good about it too.

With this union, our moving clients are able to donate items they want to get rid of before or on moving day to CPAA without having to leave their homes. With a simple click of a button or phone call, our clients can have the organization come pick up unneeded items at their convenience.

You can read more about our partnership with this amazing organization, and how they’re helping people in our communities live a Life Without Limits on our blog.


In December, 2017, we were happy to support the Children’s Health Foundation’s 7th Annual Magical Winter Ball and Toy Drive, in London, ON.

Check out what President and CEO Scott Fortnum said about our help!

Children’s Health Foundation is grateful for the support of Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving and the assistance it provides, whether it is the transportation of toys to the hospital or items to our signature events, in addition to generous donations. Their kindness and big hearts do not go unnoticed; they are giving back to their community to ensure that our kids have access to the very best care. A sincere thank you for all of your support.

— Scott Fortnum, President and CEO, Children’s Health Foundation

Partnering with these organizations warms our big hearts.


In 2015, we created a partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary by donating one move per month.

We love supporting such a worthwhile and longstanding organization. The Boys & Girls Club of Calgary has been around for more than 75 years helping youth discover, develop and achieve their full potential as successful adults. The organization fosters a safe and caring environment enabling thousands of young people to play, learn and develop valuable life skills.

It’s been rewarding for us to work with them, and we thank them for testimonials like this:

I am not in charge of booking them, so I can’t comment on how that process works. However, I just used the movers for a large move today and they were amazing. They were punctual, very quick, and very friendly. They met me at our storage warehouse and moved 4 pallets worth of furniture into their moving van, and then we went to a youth’s house and they unloaded everything into the house for her. 

I can’t express how amazing this service is for us, normally we have to do these moves ourselves and the amount of staff we have helping is dependent on their schedules and how busy everyone is. Sometimes it’s just two staff members, trying to lug beds and couches up steep staircases (in the winter, this becomes even more treacherous when everything is covered in snow and ice!). So we are extremely thankful for the movers donating their time and energy to us once a month! Let them know how much we appreciate them!

— Boys & Girls Club of Calgary staff member (January 2018)

If you’ve like to learn more about the Boys & Girls Club of Calgary, visit their website here, and learn more about their programs, ways to give and how to get involved.


According to Move For Hunger, 1 in 8 people in North America moves in a year — the same number are food insecure. We’re proud to partner with them to address that.

As a part of this organization, our movers will be collecting non-perishable food items from any moving customer who wants to donate.

All you have to do is hand our movers a box or bag of food donations when they show up on moving day and we’ll take it from there. We’ll deliver the food to a local food bank where it will be distributed to those in need. Learn more about this organization, here.


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Our partnership with the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Edmonton allows our moving customers to quickly and easily donate large items and furniture they don’t want to move.

By filling out a simple form here,  you can have the ReStore come pick up the furniture you don’t want to move with you.

Your furniture is then sold to people who need it to raise money for Habitat for Humanity projects and services. Plus, you’ll receive a tax receipt for the value of your donated items.


In 2018 we created a new partnership with the Lurana Shelter Society. Lurana Shelter Society provides safe shelter and support for families affected by family violence.

It is their mission to give individuals the chance to live a life of freedom without the threat of violence and abuse from the hands of people they love.

We understand that domestic violence is a serious issue, and we want to help people affected by this find safety. We are proud to donate one move per month to the Lurana Shelter to help address moving costs for their clients.

Below is what the Lurana Shelter Society had to say about our partnership:

In their rush to seek safety, survivors of domestic violence leave behind most of their belongings. After escaping, many must establish a new life with low income and few resources. Losing belongings, especially items such as furniture, clothing, kitchenware and toys, presents a significant cost.

By generously providing one move each month free of charge, women and their children will be able to retain and relocate their belongings. Enabling them to move from shelter to a safe, stable home where they can heal and rebuild their lives, free from violence and abuse.

We are grateful to the Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving Company for appreciating the importance of our work and we are honored to have their support!


The Calgary Queer Arts Society provides year-round programming in diversity education through their vision to promote diversity, inclusion, and community.

Two Small Men is proud to be a Big Bear Sponsor of the Calgary Queer Arts Society. We were happy to donate our help moving their equipment to their film festival venue and back again. We’re pumped to be able to offer even more help to them throughout the year!

Want to know more about what The Calgary Queer Arts Society does? Visit their website here.


Shelter Movers helps women and children escape abusive situations by helping them with their personal possessions and moving logistics.

We’re proud to donate one move per month to Shelter Movers. This is a cause we really believe creates a high value impact on our communities and is uniquely suited to our skills.

Here’s what Brian from Shelter Movers had to say:

Two Small Men completed one move for us and the service provided by Barb and the gentlemen who conducted the move was outstanding. I was blown away by the compassion and understanding that Travis showed our client. He understood the need, made an instant connection with her and was an asset in managing the client through a challenging move. The client had an excessive amount of belongings that were improperly packed, and Travis handled that with ease. Together we were able to advise the client and prioritize the items to move based on the time available.

I really can't express how happy we were to work with Two Small Men and I really hope we can continue this moving forward.

Brian, Shelter Movers.

To find out more about Shelter Movers and what they do, check out their website here.

Looking for a Partner?

Think your charity could use our services? We’re always watching for new ways to help our communities. Fill in the form right here and we’d be happy to learn about any opportunity to help out!