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About Us

We help get businesses and people get more involved within their communities by making volunteering simple and engaging to help the vulnerable and those who need our support.

Our History

The Community of Big Hearts officially launched in November 2019, with the first episode of the Community Big Hearts Podcast with Stu Starkey, but the team’s passion for community involvement began years earlier.

Stu’s journey began with the realization that his business, Two Small Men with Big Hearts, needed a higher purpose beyond profits. By giving back to the community and committing to the 1% pledge-donating 1% of staff time to volunteering-Stu saw the positive impact on both charitable organizations and his company. This inspired him to create a sustainable platform for businesses to find and track volunteer opportunities and led to the formation of workshops to build empathy and Understanding. 

In early 2023, Stu attended an event where Salena Starling was sharing her powerful story on stage. Moved by her journey as a foster care survivor and her passion for educating others, Stu saw a unique opportunity. He believed that Salena’s story and and dedication could make her an exceptional educator and facilitator. This meeting marked the beginning of Salena’s journey with the Community of Big Hearts. 

Salena Starling, President and CEO, embodies the spirit and mission of The Community of Big Hearts. Joining the company shortly after her encounter with Stu, Salena became a full-time facilitator. Her exceptional dedication and insight quickly propelled her to the role of President, now she leads the company as President and CEO. Salena’s commitment to continuous learning about the history and current realities of Indigenous Peoples ensures that our teachings are both informed and passionately delivered. Guided by her mentor, Stu Starkey, Salena drives our mission with unwavering dedication. 

Our CBH Team

Stu Starkey

Ryan Caligiuri

Divya Sharma

Salena Starling

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A strong community allows for opportunities to have conversations, meaningful connection, and engagement at a deeper level.

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