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We help get businesses and people get more involved within their communities by making volunteering simple and engaging to help the vulnerable and those who need our support.

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History: We've always believed in the power of community

The Community of Big Hearts officially launched November, 2019 with the first episode of the Community Big Hearts Podcast with Stu Starkey, but the team’s passion for community involvement many years earlier.

Back when Stu was running Two Small Men with Big Hearts, he and his business partner realized that profits weren't the sole motivator they needed. There needed to be a higher sense of purpose to stay energized and excited to put in those long hard days at work. They realized that when they gave back to their community by using their skills, expertise, and infrastructure it gave them that sense of duty. Through their company’s community giveback programs, their business was taking on a new meaning. When they committed to the 1% pledge – donating 1% of staff time to volunteering in the community. This program was extremely popular and was making a difference to charitable organizations and their own leadership team.

Stu saw the impact staff volunteering had on his business and is inspiring people and businesses to get more involved in their community by doing the same. The Community of Big Hearts team is growing and shares the same passion for helping getting people involved in the community and we are excited to be launching The Volunteer App this Summer to accomplish just that.

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Our CBH Team

Stu Starkey


Stu is the former president of Two Small Men with Big Hearts Canada and his passion for community is why the Community of Big Hearts exists today. Stu believes that business leaders who have achieved success have a responsibility to give back to community.
Stu saw the impact community involvement had on his staff when he introduced give back programs and an employee volunteer time off program. It was from these programs that he also learned just how difficult it was to organize, track and share the good they were doing in the community. This passion carries through the Community of Big Hearts team as we deliver a solution for businesses to get more involved in their community.

Damian Crowley

Executive Director

Damian found a passion for community by volunteering and then working for a local charity, CanU Canada, that focused on inspiring the future learners and leaders of tomorrow to see possibilities, seize opportunities, and take action. Damian is the lead behind the Volunteer App and is the second voice you will hear behind the Community of Big Hearts Podcast.

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Sam Baril

Project Coordinator

Sam’s purpose stems from her work in the not-for-profit sector and passion to give back. Her work at Two Small Men with Big Hearts has provided depth of experience in operations, management, and general problem solving. Her ability to organize, understand, and deliver is uncanny.

Ryan Caligiuri

High Rise Leadership (Advisor)

Ryan is a speaker, podcaster, and instructor specializing in topics on resilience, leadership, and organizational behaviour. He is the behind-the-scenes producer of Community of Big Hearts where he connects with guests and organizes the show every week. We thank Ryan for all the hard work he puts in as an advisor and friend of the Community of Big Hearts.

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Want to Learn More? Check Out Our Podcast

A strong community allows for opportunities to have conversations, meaningful connection, and engagement at a deeper level.

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The Volunteer App

Download the free Volunteer App to join the Community of Big Hearts today!