Episode 18

Episode 18:

How Toronto’s Bike Brigade is Serving Their Community in Difficult Times

With: David Shellnutt
April 29, 2020

Season 1, Ep. 18

Since the closing of the city’s courts due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Toronto’s “Biking Lawyer” David Shellnutt, who has a background in community mobilizing humanitarian work in Sierra Leone, has been putting his focus toward something new: helping isolated, vulnerable people get the supplies they need during this time!

Stu speaks about how cyclists, especially those that started in cycling, they have this energy about them. They’re always wanting to help. They’re always there for you to help tune or fix your bike. And it sounds like that applies in many areas of life.

The initiative now has 260 bike riders and over 600 volunteers.

You can reach out to Dave on social media at @thebikinglawyer, or email at dave@thebikinglawyer.ca.

Podcast Host

Stu Starkey

Host, Community of Big Hearts

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Ryan Caligiuri

Producer, Community of Big Hearts

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