Nominate Someone To Feature in Our Next Episode

Nominate Someone Whose Actions Can Inspire

And, we'll feature them in our next Community of Big Hearts episode!

The Community of Big Hearts wants to shine a spotlight on extraordinary human beings in our community who do amazing work to better the lives of people around them. Nominate someone who inspires you — a person who you believe showcases excellence and makes a positive impact in our communities. 

If you know of a community leader who is driving change in the community — let us know. If you know of a community member who all of a sudden was inspired and started to drive change one day — we should talk to them. If you know of a community contributor who started up an initiative for a small local program or not for profit association — introduce us to them. Because that inspiration is the fuel that's driving the community of big hearts, and we want to meet them.

We are looking for someone who is 

  • A leader doing great things and driving change
  • A contributor on a passionate mission to help their community through a non-profit or a foundation 
  • A community member just doing their part to make their community a better place

If you know someone whose work and efforts can serve as a model for others to follow, please send us the details about this person, including 

  • First name and last name
  • Email and phone number 
  • In a few words — how this person makes a positive impact in their community

You can either fill this information on the form on your right or e-mail Stu Starkey and let him know about it. 

Email Stu at 

We will select and invite the best nominees to feature on a future episode of the Community of Big Hearts to spread their mission — and elevate it to the next level.