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Our app connects purpose-driven volunteers and businesses with charitable organizations looking for support

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The Community of Big Hearts App

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The Community of Big Hearts develops valuable connections between business leaders, their employees, and the charities in the community. We curate experiences for these groups to translate your companies’ initiatives into actionable and sustainable support for local charitable causes that fit your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

A solution for businesses to have greater impact within their community by leveraging their skills and time.

Companies and employees can find available volunteer opportunities to match their interests, skillsets, and schedule.

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Dashboards and feedback channels to share your unique experience.

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Messaging features to understand where to be and what to accomplish.

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Sign up process for businesses, charities, and employees

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By sharing the good that we can do, our community can grow and flourish.

We’ve created a solution that encourages passionate volunteering on behalf of purpose- driven businesses.

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Simple user interface that minimizes the time it takes to setup an experience

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View data insights based on your unique goals.

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Employee feedback to help reinforce the value of community involvement and culture

Community is stronger when we work together.

You can get involved in our community by signing up your business today.

Download the Community of Big Hearts app to make your community stronger.

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We would love to hear from you!

Whether you’re interested in learning more about the impact volunteering can have on your business or know someone with a great story, we want to connect with you.