Episode 21

Episode 21:

The Local Leader Who is Feeding the Hungry in a Global Pandemic

With: Keren Taylor-Hughes
May 26, 2020

Season 1, Ep. 21

This week on the Community of Big Hearts Stu Starkey speaks with Chief Executive Officer of Winnipeg Harvest, Keren Taylor-Hughes. Winnipeg Harvest is a long-established local institution and this community podcast really feeds the soul. The organization creates healthy hampers (up to 40lbs.) intended for 10-14 days of food support for families. By buying in bulk to meet the needs of those in need they are able to keep costs as low as possible and feed more families.

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Podcast Host

Stu Starkey

Host, Community of Big Hearts

Podcast Co-Host

Ryan Caligiuri

Producer, Community of Big Hearts

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