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We help get businesses and people get more involved within their communities by making volunteering simple and engaging to help the vulnerable and those who need our support.

Engaging people within their community

We make it easy to improve your community through our volunteer app, community engagement experiences, community speaking sessions, collaborations, and advocating for our co. We believe that business should exist to be a force that drives positive impact while serving all stakeholders from employees, partners and the environment, to the community, customers, shareholders and more. We strive to bring the community together to create a force so strong that we have greater influence in how our communities are developed. Together, we represent the voice of the community from the underserved and vulnerable to the charities, volunteers, and businesses. We are the voice of the community.

The Community of Big Hearts App

Simplifies the volunteering process

The Community of Big Hearts develops valuable connections between business leaders, their employees, and the charities in the community. We onboard volunteer experiences onto our platform that range from one-off events to weekly recurring opportunities so your companies’ community initiatives turn into actionable and sustainable support for local charitable causes that fit your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

Community of Big Hearts Workshops and Webinars

The Community of Big Hearts offers two unique workshops to better help businesses improve their empathy, leadership, and critical thinking skills.

Both are available in-person or virtual.

Addressing MMIWG2S+ and the Urgency of Action

Join our impactful workshop for business professionals looking to deepen their understanding of the pressing issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and Two-Spirit Individuals (MMIWG2S) while actively combating violence against Indigenous women. With over 60% of Indigenous women experiencing sexual or physical assault in their lifetimes, our workshop explores the historical, social, and systemic factors at the core of this crisis through interactive discussions and engaging activities.

By participating, you'll gain insight into the unique challenges Indigenous women face and comprehend the cultural, economic, and social implications of the MMIWG2S crisis on both Indigenous communities and society. Expert facilitators will share best practices for inclusivity, cultural sensitivity, and building meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities, equipping you to integrate anti-violence initiatives into your organization and foster a safer, more equitable environment.

Truth and Reconciliation: Making Sense of Call to Action 92

This comprehensive training program is designed to help organizations adopt the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a framework for reconciliation. Specifically, Call to Action 92 encourages corporations to integrate Indigenous peoples' rights and perspectives into their policies and operations involving Indigenous lands and resources, and educate their staff on the history of Indigenous Peoples. This workshop suits all employees, regardless of their position or seniority level. The training is delivered through the real-life experiences of Indigenous people, combined with unconscious bias training.

The workshop provides a safe and supportive space for participants to explore and understand the history and current issues facing Indigenous communities. Through guided discussions and interactive activities, participants will confront their internal biases and gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous peoples' perspectives. The workshop also provides participants with resources and ideas for continued learning.

By participating in this workshop, organizations and their employees can take an important step towards reconciliation and creating more inclusive and respectful workplaces.

The Volunteer App from the Community of Big Hearts

Our Volunteer App provides a simple solution to improve employee productivity and increase your retention by engaging with your community.